Morning Roundup: the Point of Copyright Enforcement, Kindle Shortages in Germany and more

Once Again, if Copyright Enforcement Doesn’t Improve the Bottom Line, What’s the Point? (Techdirt)
We’ve been asking for years which is more important for content creators: stopping piracy or increasing revenue? It’s a question they hate to respond to, because every time I ask it, the responses often involve ad hominem attacks and anger.

Imminent Kindle Shortage in Germany (GoodeReader)
Disgruntled workers at the warehouses at Amazon Germany are in the early stages of planning a strike.

10% of Amplify Tablets Broke in their First Month, One North Carolina School District Reports (The Digital Reader)
Newscorp’s entry into the education market, the Amplify tablet, didn’t receive a lot of user reviews before being sold to waiting school districts; that may have been a mistake.

Apple Will Hold Fall iPad Event on October 22 (All Things D)
New iPads, including a possible Retina mini, are expected. We’ll also possibly see a new Mac Pro.

Kindle Daily Deals: Oxygen (and 4 others)

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