Morning Roundup: Understanding the future of publishing, Losing the copyright war again?

future of publishingAmazon Launches New Christian Publishing Imprint (The Digital Reader)
Amazon expanded on their publishing efforts today with the launch of a new imprint. Brilliance Publishing, the audiobook publisher that Amazon acquired in 2007, will take another step into print publishing with the launch of Waterfall Press.

The Future of Bookstores is the Key to Understanding the Future of Publishing (Mike Shatzkin)
One of the subjects we have been probing for a long time is the inevitable impact that increased purchasing of books online would have on the shelf space at retail and what that would mean to trade publishers.

Has The Copyright War Been Won — And If So, Are We About To Lose It Again? (Techdirt)
As Andres Guadamuz points out on his Technollama blog, things aren’t quite as bleak as they sometimes seem.

Overdrive Going DRM-Free with Audiobooks (GoodeReader)
Overdrive has quietly unveiled a radical change to their audiobook encryption system and it could have massive ramifications for any library that carries them. They are switching from the bulk and cumbersome WMA format and gravitating towards a simple DRM-Free MP3 Edition of the audiobook.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Retribution

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