Mornng Roundup: Books-a-Million Pilots Espresso Book Machine, Terrific Reading Nooks and more

espresso book machineBooks-a-Million Pilots Espresso Book Machine in Two Stores (Digital Book World)
The first ever full-color self-publishing Espressso book machine will launch this November in the South Portland, Maine Books-A-Million and the Brookwood Village Books-A-Million store located in Birmingham, Alabama.

10 Really Terrific Reading Nooks (Book Riot)
While bookish types can generally read anywhere and at any time, there’s something magical about having your own little nook for the purpose. It should be heavily cushioned, well-lit, and preferably with somewhere to put your mug.

The Number of Self-Published Titles On the Market Up 59% Last Year: Bowker (GalleyCat)
The amount of self-published book titles available in the marketplace went up 59% between 2011 and 2012, according to Bowker’s latest self-pubishing report.

Amazon’s New Model Might Make it Unstoppable (GoodeReader)
As if brick-and-mortar bookstores didn’t have enough to worry about, Amazon has introduced a whole new way to rise above the rest and lure customers: Sunday delivery.

Kindle Daily Deals: Is This Tomorrow (and others)

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