Weekend Links: Question of Clickbait. The opposite of legacy

clickbait-memeInternet Archive Uploads More than 14 Million Public Domain Images to Flickr (Boing Boing)
Kalev Leetaru programatically recovered all the images that were discarded by the OCR program that digitizes the millions of public domain books scanned by the Archive…

The Opposite of Legacy (Joe Konrath)
I’ve found–and I’m sure I’m not alone–that when something newsworthy is happening, I first hear about it via Twitter or Facebook. Often, from people reporting what’s occurring in real time.

Bookless Library Opened by New U.S. University (The Guardian)
Florida Polytechnic University’s enormous facility promises to make ‘many more books available for the students’ in digital form.

When Does Giving the Reader What They Want Turn into Clickbait? (GigaOM)
The outrage over clickbait is really just a symptom of the change from a one-way, broadcast model of journalism to one in which we actually know what readers want to read — and it’s not always what we think they should.

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