Weekend Roundup: Lesson libraries can learn from Amazon. Digital first sales questions

amazonSyracuse School District Distributes Almost 100,000 Books for Summer Reading (GalleyCat)
A school district in Syracuse New York has plans to send every K-5 student in the district home with a backpack full of 10 books for summer reading.

Four Lessons Libraries Can Learn from Amazon (Digital Book World)
It is hard for my view of the world not to be informed by the two years I spent working in senior management at Amazon.

Should You Have the Right to Sell Your eBooks and Digital Music? (GigaOM)
How should the first sale doctrine apply to digital goods? Members of Congress came to New York to hear the opinions of publishing executives, librarians and others.

Young Adult Books: Why Grown-Ups Shouldn’t be Embarrassed to Read Them (CNN)
I read plenty of other books (yes, for “grownups”), too, and probably even more than I used to because my hunger for good words is so keenly whet.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Art Forger (and others)

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