teleread preview 2aTeleRead’s move to the new site is now expected to happen tomorrow, Saturday, Washington time.

We were going to move earlier, but ran into some snags due to the huge volume of material here. TeleRead is the Web’s oldest site devoted to general interest news and views on e-books.

The move will mean a more modern look, a new community page and other improvements.

For now, please continue to refrain from posting comments. Some community members commented anyway despite our previous request not to—we can’t guarantee that their remarks will show up at the new site.

TeleRead will be up again within a day or so, maybe even within hours, as seen from your location.

Please that note when we reappear, we’ll be missing some recent posts. They’ll be back soon. We’ll also continue tweaking the new site, still very much a work in progress.

Tip: Due to the quirks of the Internet, you may see the old site even after the move starts. But it’ll be just a “ghost.” Again, please don’t comment until we say so.

And a detail: The actual site layout will look a little different from the sample shown above.

Photo credit for featured image on home page: Here.


  1. Best of luck on the move, David!

    So does this mean you’ve finalized the design, and that it won’t include that mosaic?

    That’s a shame; I liked it. But I could also see why you would cut it, given that teleread has over a decade of posts with images that don’t fit the design.

    I’ve faced similar constraints on my blog.

  2. @Nate: Thanks for your best wishes, and the same for your own blog! Funny you should ask about the mosaic. Without seeing your comment, I had just finished an addition to the post saying the layout would be a bit different on the actual site. And, yes, the mosaic almost surely will be back. In other ways, too, as noted, the new site is a work in progress–understandable, since the design is so ambitious. But I concluded that even with things not quite nailed down, it would still be wise to move on rather than put more time into the current site. David

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