A million thank-you’s to everyone who took the time out of their collective schedules to participate in our Calibre Survey over the weekend. As for the 100 101 of you who’ve taken the survey thus far, I’m sure you’re at least somewhat curious to learn the final results. (And for those of you who may not have the slightest idea what I’m talking about, head on over to this post from last Friday, August 24.)

At any rate, onto the results:

We asked you to share your opinion about TeleRead’s previous practice of republishing Calibre’s weekly updates each Friday. 

¶ We found it particularly telling that a full 32 percent of you ticked the “I couldn’t possibly care less” box.

¶ Coming in second place with a respectable 28 percent of all responses was the “Other” category, which allowed for survey participants to get up close and specific with their own opinions.

¶ And because we found your responses to the “Other” category to be especially enlightening—some were funny, some were impassioned, and some were straightforward—we’ve included screen caps of those comments below.

The bottom line, however, seems to be clear enough: The overwhelming majority of you would like us to continue reporting on Calibre’s updates, but only when those updates include news of important, major changes and new functionalities.

As one respondent noted, “It never really seemed to me like there was much point to this. Calibre notifies people of updates itself. And if people don’t use Calibre, an update notice doesn’t seem likely to make them want to start.”  

And there’s this, probably our favorite of all the responses in the “Other” category:

“I just ignore the update announcements. They’d be more useful if updates were only announced when an important change is included … Seriously … many of the stated changes are totally inscrutable. Or so vague as to be worthless (the word “various” gets used a lot). I’m waiting for [the weekly Calibre updates] to be condensed to ‘various new features, various changes to existing features, and various bug fixes.’ I usually can’t tell if there’s anything in an update that I’d care about. I simply update every few weeks.”  

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And so going forward, we’ll do our best to notify you of Calibre’s updates only when those updates are significantly important. (Relatively speaking, of course!)

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  1. I missed the survey, sorry! But I’ve long thought that there are some kinds of content that belong in the sidebar and/or in their own section so that people could easily find them, but they wouldn’t take up space in the main news feed. This seems like one of them, and press releases seem like another.

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