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From Digireado:

The ASA is running a great two-day workshop on Creating Your Own Ebook. Melbourne writers  experienced this in March and Sydney ran over the last few days. The workshop will be rolled out to Perth in May, Adelaide in August and runs in Brisbane in November.

Read down to the bottom of the post to read case studies of three participants.

The workshop was put together in conjunction with ifbook: Australia. Described as the ‘think-tank’ connected to the Queensland Writers Centre, it is lead by Simon Groth, author and editor who has been experimenting with various forms of digital since the early days of the web.

Highly recommend what Simon has to say and you can find him at his website, on Twitter and at if:book Australia. He’s interesting, really pushes the edges of what is currently possible and happening. I mean, how many people have written a collaborative fiction book with their brother? I don’t think I could work with either of my brothers without wanting to shout. A lot. But Simon and Darren made it work and were shortlisted for a prestigious writing award with their young adult book. Impressive.

ifbook: Australia also published Hand Made High Tech – commissioned essays on the future or reading and writing in a future slanted to digital. Have I mentioned I downloaded this as soon as it was available? And it’s free? Brilliant work, you would be crazy not to avail yourself of this title.

ifbook: Australia constantly make me wish I was based in Brisbane. That is, when I’m not wishing I was in Melbourne to attend the Wheeler Centre Events. ifbook.australia are always creating interesting events and experiments. One to watch is their 24-hour book in June. 24 hours.9 writers. One book. No. sleep, especially for the editors! You can literally watch the story unfold at their website.

Knowing that digital is a bit of an obsession with me you won’t be surprised that I knew a lot of the background and setting the scene side covered on the first day, but watching the crowd of writers and the interaction with Simon, this was exactly what most of the participants were there to learn. And learn they did.

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