Dead-Men-Walking The Black Library, the publisher of tie-in novels and audiobooks for Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 role-playing game settings, is going digital. To promote the event, the publisher has been giving away some free digital content every Friday for the last four weeks, with something more to go up on the site this coming Friday.

Available thus far are the novels First & Only and Nightbringer, the first issue of Hammer and Bolter magazine, and an mp3 of the first disc of the Horus Rising audiobook. The e-books are downloadable in MobiPocket or EPUB format, and are not DRM-locked.

On the main site, three titles are listed for December publication: an audio drama of Oath of Moment for £8.50 ($13.36 at current conversion rates), and e-books of Wulrik and Dead Men Walking for £6.50 ($10.22) each. The e-books seem a little pricy, but on the other hand a lot of people buy Amazon e-books at $9.99, and it is a UK publisher so prices will be a little higher. And if they aren’t locked by DRM either, then they’ll be that much more worth it.

The FAQ on the digital downloads page adds some further details: Black Library is going to work on getting its substantial backlist into e-book format, though it will take time to convert them all. Up to 5 downloads will be permitted per file (so back those downloads up if you buy, I suppose).

They will also be releasing abridged and unabridged audiobooks, at prices of £17.00 and £20.00 respectively—not out of line for audiobook pricing in general. E-books will be priced uniformly at £6.50, and Hammer and Bolter issues will be £2.50 each.

This will be a great digital resource for Warhammer fans, and I imagine the free e-books will drum up some interest even in non-gamers. Good to see more DRM-free e-books become available.

(Found via the Baen Bar baen.EBookReader group.)


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