51zcF-IU0sL._SL500_AA246_PIkin2,BottomRight,-9,34_AA280_SH20_OU01_.jpgI just got it from Amazon at $7.99 for my Kindle and I understand that it has been released on the Sony platform as well.

Eoin Purcell raises an interesting question in his blog:

But riddle me this?

Why do they not just sell it direct? The multi-publisher bookstore provides just the platform, they have created an incredible audience and the property is a very, very good one. I cannot understand this decision. Sure the rest of Macmillan also avoids ebook sales listing instead other sellers on their site bit surely the selling of a digital download is not THAT difficult? Is it?


  1. Sony has it, but for $10.50 – and I’m seriously considering boycotting Tor. All their ebooks are much more expensive than paperbacks except at Amazon – even for books like this which are almost old enough to drink.

  2. The UK resellers are slow to release this too, only Books on Board seem to have it at the moment. Need to be more nimble in this digital economy!

    FWIW, Fictionwise/eReader seem to have missed out altogether. They don’t evem have the first one.

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