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From the Android Market:

The indispensable guide to Washington: trusted news, politics, and analysis.

Enjoy the high-quality, trusted news and analysis only The Washington Post can provide. Our news app for Android brings you breaking news, politics, opinions, sports, lifestyle, business, technology, travel, entertainment and much more, anytime/anywhere!

The app includes:

* Enhanced Weather: comprehensive weather information, including updates from the Capital Weather Gang, 7-day and hourly forecasts for cities across the globe, and weather maps with radar images and weather alerts for the DC metro area

* Metro / Traffic: for local users, valuable traffic information, including real-time Metro arrival times and alerts, traffic cams that provide live snapshots of road conditions and continuous updates from Dr. Gridlock

* Photo Journalism: visual storytelling, featuring award-winning Post photography in photo galleries and photo essays

* Breaking News: breaking news alerts threaded throughout the app

* Search & Sharing: keyword search capability and easy sharing of articles via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.


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