Happy Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate it today!

As I’ve done for the last couple of years, I looked back at previous Thanksgiving posts I made to see what I had to be thankful for in the e-book world. It hasn’t changed much lately, Most of the things I’ve mentioned are still going strong. I’ve got an iPod Touch again (and an iPad, and a Kobo) that I like to read books on, Baen and its Meisha Merlin writers are still going strong, and e-readers are getting even cheaper.

As I said last year:

There are still a lot of annoyances in the e-book market as a whole—agency pricing, territorial restrictions, obnoxious DRM—but we should probably pause for a moment and give thanks for how good we have it now, compared to, say, five years ago. E-books are on a lot of people’s minds now, and the more people read them the better they’ll get. Sooner or later we’re going to have that dirt-cheap “disposable” e-reader the way we now have dirt-cheap “disposable” cell phones.

It looks like even more people are going to get e-readers this year than last, given how the prices have fallen. And the more people start e-reading, perhaps the more people there will be to complain about some of those annoyances and perhaps get some of them redressed.

So I’m going to go right on appreciating the good things in the e-book world today, and hoping the not-so-good things get fixed.


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