From the opening paragraph: “The bookless library has finally arrived, making a beachhead on college campuses. At Drexel University’s new Library Learning Terrace, which opened just last month, there is nary a bound volume, just rows of computers and plenty of seating.” However, what TIME doesn’t mention is that the Learning Terrace is essentially a modern, library-connected study space in the middle of a University residence hall, and not simply a library gutted of printed books by some digitally starry-eyed administrators. In fact, the Drexel University Library’s student guide explicitly points out that its actual libraries do still have printed books.

The rest of the TIME article is equally misleading (I have no idea how one can even hint that the Seattle Central Library is somehow anti-book), but if you really want you can read it here.

For more clarity, here’s a presentation from Drexel explaining its goal, which is to “embed” the University’s library system throughout the campus for greater reach and convenience:

(Photo: Drexel Libraries)


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