joyland times 2!I just love quirky little stories like this one—as GalleyCat reports an author named Emily Schultz is was bemused to see a sudden spike in sales of her eight-year-old novel, Joyland, after Stephen King released a book with the same title.

At first, she was someone put out by the whole thing, as a spate of confused King fans bought hers by mistake and then left one-star reviews complaining that they had the wrong book. But then, the first larger-than-average royalty check came in, and Schultz is fine with it now. She’s even started a blog chronicling how she is spending the ‘Stephen King money.’

What a fun little story for a weekend!

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  1. Some of Stephen King’s fans must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic for not checking who wrote the book they were buying.

    Note especially the cover on the left. It demonstrates that you’ve really arrived as a writer when your publisher, of its own accord, makes your name bigger than the book’s title. Every recent King tale is probably like that. If you don’t see a big “Stephen King,” it’s probably not by him.

    Of course that other Joyland does have a dark and slightly spooky cover that makes it look like it might be by King. That, probably as much as the title, is why Emily is cashing such big checks.

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