Editor’s Note: Apologies for not publishing this one yesterday. Too stuffed from Christmas dinner to waddle to my computer. It’s still enjoyable a day late.

Who could possibly turn down the opportunity to link to Jonathan Franzen as “Great American Reindeer”? (As if he hadn’t made himself ridiculous enough by his own statements, others are always going to find more ways…) So it’s grateful thanks to Jason Diamond and Tom Hawking at Flavorwire for putting together this marvelous compilation of “famous authors in Santa hats.”

And some of the images are just too telling to be simple straightforward fun. Isn’t there something just too right about Franz Kafka as a Christmas elf?

And Ernst Hemingway with shotgun and woolly pom-pom is obviously letting a side of himself out that he showed the world all too rarely…

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good book.


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