50FireGooglePlay.pngI’m enjoying my new Amazon Kindle Fire 7 tremendously, but I am finding one or two issues with it. One of the most persistent that I haven’t been able to hack around is a touchscreen problem. Maybe I have a faulty unit, but I suspect this is a problem common to many Android tablets, as I’ve had it, to a lesser extent, with other devices before.

At times, when the Kindle Fire is plugged in and charging from a USB cable, the touchscreen responsiveness goes loopy. If I press on some icons, others will open, the onscreen keyboard won’t function properly, etc. This problem seems to resolve as soon as the charging cable is pulled out, but while the cable is in, it’s a major annoyance.

I’ve no idea what could be causing this problem: perhaps some residual charge conducting across the screen. Could it be an Amazon manufacturing standards issue? It’s certainly not anything that should deter anyone from buying a $50 tablet, but it is a pain. And if anyone else has experienced it, I’d be interested to hear.



  1. My first guess would be that your charger is putting out a fluctuating voltage (or you have a marginal USB cable that is giving a connection that varies as you flex it slightly while handling the device).

    I had a problem like this briefly with an older smartphone that I resolved by switching to a different charger. It was apparently a fairly common recurring problem shortly after each new version of the USB standard came out, each version allowing higher currents. Newer devices hooked up to older chargers would stress things just a bit too much.

    In your case, you presumably have a new charger but I would try swapping it (and rhe USB cable) to see if that takes care of the problem.

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