eReaderIQI’ve seen people mention eReaderIQ on various forums, but I never took the time to check them out until today. Wow, have I been missing out!

The site allows you to track a few things, mainly price and availability on Kindle. They also show freebies, but I’m personally less interested in that since I’ve been disappointed often enough by freebies that I rarely download them anymore. However, if you’re a fan, the site should give you enough to fill several Kindles in a few days.

Let me show you the two features that got me all excited.

1. Track price drops on your Wish List

This feature is so easy to use; I wish I’d found it months ago. Periodically, I stop by my Amazon e-book Wish List to see if any prices have dropped, but I don’t remember very often, and I’m sure I miss temporary drops. eReaderIQ should fix that. You can import your Wish List, specify a notification threshold (I used “price drops by 50 cents”), and they will send you an email when the your threshold is reached. How cool is that? It’s easy to set up, too.

I particularly liked that you can specify an email for your notifications that’s different from your Amazon log in email.

2. Track books as they become available on Kindle

Publishers are finally getting that we want to read back list titles on our Kindles, and every so often I stumble across a book that I’ve been wanting to read that was previously only available in paper. My most recent delighted discovery was the entire John Jakes Kent Family Chronicles. I’ve been waiting for that one as long as I’ve been reading e-books, and that’s almost 15 years now. I accidentally discovered the series on Kindle a few weeks ago, and I’ve been a happy camper!

eReaderIQ could have notified me, and I would have learned about them sooner.

Again, they make it easy to set up. In fact, if you use Chrome, you can install an extension to integrate the feature with Amazon book pages.

I tested the extension on another book I’ve wanted in electronic format for over a decade.

I’m sad that I still have to wait for this one, but at least I’ll know quickly if it’s ever released.

Anyone else use eReaderIQ and want to gush about a favorite feature?


  1. Hey Juli

    I’d love you to take a look at my ebook search site, Luzme, which does the price drop feature too, but not just for Kindles.

    At Luzme, you can track the prices of all the major stores – Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google, Sony, BN, Smashwords, etc – and in 5 countries – USA, GB, Canada, Australia and India. It also does a currency conversion for the overseas stores so you can compare the prices in the same currency.

    You can add an alert for your favourite author too, so when they bring out a new book, we’ll tell you. And you can see whether the books are DRM-free, which matters to a lot of folk. Also whether the Kindle version is available for Prime Lending.

    Please give it a go! I’d love your feedback.

  2. Simon, thanks very much for the tip – always appreciated.

    And Rachel, we’ll definitely check out your site. If you have anything you’d like Juli to check out (press releases, for instance), please feel free to send them my way, and I’ll make sure she gets them. I’m at deldridge [AT]

  3. I love being able to tag a Kindle book at eReaderIQ! Of course, often, by the time I get the email, I have forgotten about the book. So many publishers are still sticking to the $12.99 and $13.99 price range, and I’m generally not going to pay that. Some publishers take months or even a year or more to drop the price to something more reasonable.

    I wonder if Amazon will ever offer this feature? I would think it would be valuable data, to know how many people are waiting for a book’s price to drop. But then, I don’t understand why Amazon hasn’t implement a pre-order feature for a free sample. When I hear about a book in advance of it’s being for sale, I can usually pre-order it, but if I’m not sure I want it, I can’t pre-order a free sample. Usually, I forget about the book altogether. It’s like they’re throwing away money by not having more ways to know if you want the book!

  4. Been a happy eReaderIQ user for a long time. Besides tagging titles, you can tag an author so you know of any changes that the author does. I follow a couple of authors that know the game and will drop the prices on their books on a regular bases, sometimes for only a day.

  5. Have been a happy luzme user since I first discovered it. I use ereariq for free content, but luzme compares prices across the different stores and countries, which is a) phenomenal and b) how I came to discover that Amazon offers the better prices, by A LOT compared to Kobo, for instance.

    I always recommend to people new to ereading and who are looking to buy an ereader, to go to luzme and enter a few of the titles they are interested in. That way, they can see how the stores of their interest compare pricewise, and they can let the savings of their future purchases factor into their equation.

  6. I too, have loved eReaderIQ but find now that when I receive an email about a kindle book price drop that the lower price is not available in Australia. I’m becoming increasingly annoyed and fed up that we are being charged a LOT more for the transfer of digital content!! Wish someone with the “know-how” would set up a Book Tracker web site for Australia.

  7. Hey Kathleen,

    Did you try my site Luzme? I’ve got a lot of happy Australian users. I’m tracking the prices both in the Amazon AU site, and also the prices you’d get charged as an Aussie from the USA site


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