Remember the stories we ran in 2008  and 2009 about author David Carnoy’s novel Knife Music, whose appbook Apple rejected from the app store for dropping the f-bomb? He ended up removing the offending language and resubmitting it to gain approval.

Gizmodo reports that a new appbook of (the first half of) the novel, which has since been acquired by a Penguin-distributed publisher, has gone on sale with the four-letter language entirely intact. Gizmodo wonders whether this means that Apple is loosening up its censorship lockdown.

I’m a bit more pessimistic than that. I’d say it just means that the appbook was reviewed by different people than the ones who looked at it the first time. Who knows, if Carnoy had waited a week or so and then resubmitted the original appbook with no changes, rather than self-censoring to make it into the store, it might have gone through with no problems.


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