Next Big Book wins inaugural BookExpo Startup Challenge

Next Big Book won the BookExpo Startup Challenge at BookExpo America on Thursday.BEA_logo_starburst

Seventeen digital startups showcased their companies in front of thousands of industry members. From there, six finalists were picked to present their companies on stage.

Next Big Book won the debut challenge and a prize of $10,000. Second-place Qlovi, a digital education content platform, received $3,000.

Next Big Book is a marketing analysis tool. It pulls in information from social media, web traffic, sales, trends and other data to provide information. Next Big Book will be able to tell which efforts are most effective and which need help.

Next Big Book was created by Next Big Sound, which analyzes music data.

Macmillan announced just a few days ago that it partnered with Next Big Book.

“The dashboard is a truly awesome tool for understanding in real time what’s driving a title’s sales and for putting that information to use,” Jeff Seroy, SVP of publicity and marketing at Macmillan’s Farrar, Straus and Giroux told Forbes. “The rich picture it provides will enable us to become better publishers of all our titles in the future.”

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