The Paradox of Cooking Shows

cooking showsCasual Kitchen, a cooking blog I follow, has a great post about the ‘paradox’ of cooking shows—namely that, between cookbooks, cooking shows, Pinterest, the Internet and so on, more cooking info is available to people than ever before, but yet, paradoxically, they actually cook loss.

From the article:

“There’s only a fixed amount of time in a day, right? So if you squander an hour in front of the tube (even if it’s watching Guy Fieri make obtuse comments about somebody’s chicken wings) that’s an hour stolen from your day that you could have spent… cooking.”

I wonder if the same thing is true about reading. If I added up the time I spent mucking about at MobileRead, reading book-themed blogs, writing about them for TeleRead, browsing at Project Gutenberg and Amazon, downloading stuff and putting it into Calibre and so on, and stacked that up against the time I spend reading actual books, would the scales balance? Or do I spend more time reading about books than I do actually reading them?

How does your reading scale balance?

2 Comments on The Paradox of Cooking Shows

  1. Pretty sure during the week I spend more time reading about reading. Complete reversal on the weekends. They might balance each other out. Not sure.

  2. I set aside a certain amount of time every day for reading, and it’s been the same for many, many years (and I won’t tell you HOW many – ha ha). I don’t let anything interfere with that time — not even Teleread. ;D

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