JoAnne Boyle, President, Seton Hill University; Dae Mellencamp, General Manager, Vimeo; Christopher Schroeder, CEO, HealthCentral; Elinor Shields, Deputy Editor, The Big Money, Moderator

Boyle: were deciding on getting Macbooks for all students but iPad came out and decided on that instead. Provided to all students and faculty. For an institution, offering students the ability to use and learn the technology is an important educational dimension. Faculty members working over the summer to figure out how to integrate them into their teaching. Tablets enliven education and helps students to engage the material.

Schroeder: issue is not the device and in heath context the issue is finding information, connecting with people like themselves, and reminding them of what to do. Tablets can make this much easier. These devices make people realize that they can take control of their health care experience. Publishers and information providers must have device neutrality. Flash will eventually go away.

Mellencamp: as a video site will be seeing an impact on their consumption statistics and consumption patterns. Is creating more complexity because Apples standards are different and the many different screen sizes of tablets is difficult to support. Have to continually innovate in order to remain competitive and also need to be able to recognize and face reality.


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