Steve Hayden, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide; Chris Actis, Senior VP, MediaVest USA; Shiv Sigh, VP, Razorfish; Chris Wilkes, VP, Hearst Magazines Digital Media; Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Moderator

Hayden: size does matter and the iPad is a content machine. Question: when buy an ad on Wired does this have to be approved by Apple and he won’t get back any info from them on the ad results? Apple will always provide the best user experience. Now it will be Apple vs Android. A lot more tablets will be coming on line. Still have to get people to pay for content. Apple trying to have an advertising experience that reflects their brand but can’t imagine their clients going for it without independent verification which they won’t allow.

Actis: advertisers need to capitalize on the tactile nature of the device. Can create potentially new and rich advertising models that differ from TV and the web. The engagement factor of the device will free up advertising monies. Huge revenue opportunity to leverage data into the online market. Have to be more accountable for the efficacy of their work. These devices allow the opportunity to get CPM prices back up. Is a more “premium” environment and opportunity to engage user is greater and is more exclusive. iPad user should be valued differently than other customers but universe of them is small. Biggest question with iAds is the reporting piece and Apple’s refusal to allow third party monitoring. We’ve talked to them and did not get a good response.

Singh: skeptical about the iPad at first. Conde Nast said that usage of GQ app was 63 minutes and this indicates that it is dramatically different. iPad can give an advertiser the type of engagement that usually goes to television. Hopes that Apple will allow the metrics to go back to the advertiser. USA Today is able to charge higher CPM for its iPad application. Advertising is far to “messy” for any one company to get control over it. If clients don’t like Apple’s control they simply won’t advertise with them.

Wilkes: iPad represents a large opportunity and the question is how rapidly will the changes it brings will arise. Apps put real pressure on ad supported media. For example “Sit or Squat” app was done by Charmin instead of advertising. Type of ad experiences trying to craft for the iPad are far more premium than the ones they are crafting for the web. Should command a better price. Products created for the iPad will not work on smaller screens and challenge is all the different screen sizes coming on line. Hearst pleased with results from first cut of advertising experience on the iPad.


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