I recently wrote an article for GadgeTell about a new site, Applause, that ranks iOS and Android apps. I thought it would be fun to run various e-book reading apps through the site, and see how they rated. Here’s the list, organized from high to low:

• FBReader: 84
• Moon+ Reader Pro: 81
• Moon+ Reader: 74
• Stanza: 69
• Nook for Android: 64
• Kobo for iOS: 63
• Nook for iOS: 57
• EBook Reader for iOS: 57
• Aldiko: 56
• Aldiko Pro: 54
• iBooks: 46
• Kindle for iOS: 43
• Ebook Reader for Android: 42
• Kindle for Android: 41

Well, they agreed with my assessment of Kindle for iOS vs. Kindle for Android. I don’t agree with their rating of FBReader. I tried it and found it cumbersome and slow to load. That was over a year ago, so I guess I should give them another go.

Too bad Stanza only received a 69. I know lots of people consider it the ultimate e-reading app.

Which goes to show that automated systems don’t always match user experience. What about you? Agree (or disagree) with any of these ratings?


  1. I found Moon+ Reader to be very good, and when I decided to upgrade to Pro (I try to support the creators of stuff I like), I was able to skip downloading Adobe for Android to my new phone as Moon+ Reader Pro is a good PDF reader, too. I have no problem finding my books in my copy of my Calibre library that I have on my SD card when I want to re-read an older book, too.

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