Viz Media is a major publisher of manga, and Japanese videos and magazines. Not e-book related, but as a science fiction fan I find their new line of translations – Japanese science fiction – quite exciting. This is something we have never seen before, so I thought I would cover it here.

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry


  1. I recall the occasional attempt to publish Japanese SF in the US–Kobe, for example. Like the occasional attempt to get us to read SF other than US/UK, it fails shortly thereafter (alas).

    Maybe with the Viz name this will go further, but I’m not convinced that the audience for manga will make the leap to the other.

  2. I have in my possession over a dozen such novels translated into English, most by Tokyopop, and mostly YA, but they don’t use a special imprint. Good to see Viz starting up an imprint. That will make them easier to find.

  3. Tokyopop has released some Japanese SF and fantasy novels, including space opera Crest of the Stars, near-future cyberpunk(?) .hack series and fantasy series Scrapped Princess, The Twelve Kingdoms and Slayers. Also, Dark Horse has Vampire Hunter D post-apocalypse fantasy series.
    I was hoping that Tokyopop’s ebooks would eventually make it into the Sony store but doesn’t look like it’s happening, so I had to order pbooks 🙁

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