The Decline and Fall of the English Major (The New York Times)Weekend Roundup
In the past few years, I’ve taught nonfiction writing to undergraduates and graduate students at Harvard, Yale, Bard, Pomona, Sarah Lawrence and Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. Each semester I hope, and fear, that I will have nothing to teach my students because they already know how to write. And each semester I discover, again, that they don’t.
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Have reports of the paperback’s death been greatly exaggerated? (Slate)
In 2009, Penguin Group, one of the most successful publishers in the world, printed a charming history called The Book of Penguin, in the slim, orange paperback format that the company made famous in the mid-20th century.
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40 Towns, An Experiment in Literary Journalism (The Millions)
Jeff Sharlet had a challenge for his creative nonfiction students at Dartmouth College. Sensing that journalism had become too “dull,” too mired in a “culture of professionalism” divided “between reporting and ‘storytelling,’” Sharlet asked his students who didn’t “know [any] better” to create a magazine of their own.
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Bowing to demand, Provo library spends $50K for e-books (Daily Herald)
The Provo City Library is giving a $50,000 gift to its patrons. That is the amount library staff and the city council took out of the library’s emergency funds this month to purchase more than 3,000 e-books for library users to borrow digitally.
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Kindle Daily Deals: 27 spy and assassin thrillers (including “Flee” by J.A. Konrath)


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