Reality: “The recording industry, following through on its promise to take legal action against ordinary computer users who share music on the Internet, is filing hundreds of subpoenas, demanding the names and addresses of copyright violators from Internet service providers.” – Boston Globe.

Hypothetical but logical: Exclusive! TeleRead has found a secret transcript of a wiretapped conversation between Cary Sherman of the RIAA and Rep. John Conyers, Jr., one of the well-funded politicians behind the proposed 5Y/$250K file-sharing penalty and previous legislation to protect our needy recording executives.

Rep. Conyers: Cary, I’m calling to ask a little favor. It’s about my boy.

Sherman (consulting well-stuffed Rolodex): You mean John III or Carl?

Rep. Conyers: Uh, do you think you could talk to your people in Legal?

Sherman: An internship? Sure, if they’re even half as brilliant as you…”

Rep. Conyers: “All I’m asking is that you call off the suit.”

Sherman: “Your boy’s sharing files?”

Rep. Conyers: “I knew you’d understand.”

Sherman: “And thank you, John, for that new proposal.”

Rep. Conyers: “Maybe we can even make it 10Y/500K.”

Sherman: “I’d like that very much. We’ve got to stop crime on the Net!”

Update, July 25: Since the RIAA leadership page no longer mentions Hilary Rosen, I thought I’d substitute Cary Sherman.

(Drawing via ArtToday.)


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