By now, you’ve probably read that Amazon is offering its previous generation Kindle for $89 today starting at 12 noon ET. It’s a well-made product even if it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi or higher-contrast Pearl E Ink screen, and I’m sure it will sell out within the first minute or two.

So how do you get in line for it? Go here:


In the Lightning Deals box, select the Kindle Store category and you’ll see the listing. Amazon doesn’t list the price of a lightning deal until the deal starts, but it lists a countdown timer so you know when to check back.

In general, when you try to order something through a lightning deal offer at Amazon, you’re given a 15 minute window to complete the purchase; after that the product is returned to inventory to sell to someone else. If you don’t snag a Kindle 2 at first, you’ll be given the option to add your name to a temporary waiting list in the event that any sales are canceled.

Now here’s a bit of anti-Black Friday advice to cheer you up if you don’t get one of these $90 Kindles today. While I loved my Kindle 2 (it really is a great product), the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi model is so much smaller, faster, and brighter that I was shocked the first time I took it out of the box and held it next to my Kindle 2. What I’m saying is, as great as this offer is, if you hold off and save up for the $140 Kindle 3 Wi-Fi model, you’ll still feel like you got a good deal.


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