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Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation Weekender has an excellent article, with the above title, about what is happening in retailing.  Here’s a part of it:

It’s not very Zen of me to say so, but where we are may be less important than where we are headed. We’ve already arrived at a place where there is:

  • a store that sells everything….
  • a store that can suggest what we want next….
  • a store that delivers instantly….
  • a web browser that anticipates where we are going….

Sure, there are other retailers who can look at the above list and say “we do that too,” but we all know that Amazon is driving this kind of change. Yet even with the potentially frightening world dominance that some may consider implicit in the fact that each of those lines characterizes Amazon, we are also within a daydream of a rebel and democratic marketplace of the mind where:

  • every reader is a writer, or at least a literary agent….
  • every viewer is an actor, or at least a casting director….
  • every listener is a player, or at least a DJ….
  • every downloader is an uploader, or at least a blogger….
  • and every promotion is personal.

In such a world the feedback will increasingly be the filter, and our ability to make choices in a world of limitless choice will depend more than ever on knowing who we can trust to help us distinguish between the ridiculous and the sublime. Our friends will be our networks, and our networks, more and more, will be in our minds.


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