KINDLE-US-WIFI-holiday2010._SX320_SY240_CR0,0,0,0_V194220585_.pngA lot of sites have been reporting that WiFi Kindles are out of stock. However, I just saw a tweet from Amazon posted at 4:26 PM EST saying: Attention last minute shoppers: We just received more of our $139 Kindles and can deliver them in time for Christmas!

I checked on Amazon and, indeed, they are back in stock at $139.


  1. Shoppers from outside USA have been seeing estimated Kindle 3 delivery times at the end of January for a month now. Apparently Amazon saves all Kindles for customers from USA.
    This has caused lots of grief in Czech republic, because they expected a new law that would change threshold for things imnported without paying Value Added Tax. Fortunately, the tax change was postponed a few months.

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