Whether as a solution to book stacking problems or as a last tribute to/new use for the great legacy of printed literature, book igloos are one of the most eye-catching and even useful of all monuments to the printed book. Here are some of the more eye-catching and inspiring examples from around the Web.

book igloo 1

Kala Louise Viñas posted the example above, clearly set up for educational purposes, and even with a window for light while reading inside.

Home” by installation artist Miler Lagos is one of the more iconic and widely shared examples, installed at New York’s Magnan Metz Gallery in 2011. This has inspired other book lovers and librarians, and even helped propel at least one successful Kickstarter campaign, by librarian Alicia Tapia, who used this model to create the igloo below in a library:

So there’s no shortage of great book igloos out there. And no doubt that one built out of Kindles would look pretty … well, gray, in comparison.



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