Remember that new 16 GB 2013 Nexus 7 tablet I mentioned for $110 last month? How would you like to get it for $102? Or what about a refurbished Acer 15” 16GB Chromebook for $150? These are the great e-reading deals Groupon has in store for you right now, if you order through these links and then make sure to use the EXTRA15 coupon code to take an extra 15% off the current list price.

The 2013 Nexus 7 might be a little slow compared to more recent tablets, but it’s still an excellent little workhorse that can still rock the very latest version of Android (though this version is probably the last new one it will get). And it makes an excellent e-reader and a not at all bad movie viewer with that big 1080p screen. While I haven’t used the Chromebook, I expect it will be at least as good at browsing the web and using Google’s built-in utilities as a tablet, plus it has a full-sized keyboard.

The really interesting thing is that this suggests that, before too long, decent tablets a few years old will be just as cheap as Chinese OEMware Android tablets—but still a whole lot more reliable and useful, albeit a touch slower.


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