Here’s a great article from Engage.  At the end of the article, Robert Newman, discusses which type of magazines he thinks will survive and which will die.  Newman is the creative director of Readers Digest and former creative director of Real Simple.  He’s also design director of Fortune, Entertainment Weekly, Vibe, Details and New York.

Lesson 1: Let It Read

Newman: You want to design something that takes full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities. People like to read on iPads. So the first thing you have to do is make the reading experience really easy and really pleasurable. And if there’s one crucial mistake that people make on their apps it’s that they don’t pay enough attention to the text font and the size and the width—and how it navigates.

We looked at The New Yorker as sort of role model. We said, “What’s the magazine that people are likely going to spend most time reading as an app?” We saw that they do a one single white column and the font is really generous in size. Of course, ours is different, but we made it really easy to read.


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