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That’s the title of an article in Dear Author.  Anyone reading on the Android platform should go over and take a look.  I’m new to Android, myself, and so found it quite helpful.  I was unaware that so many apps were available.

Everyday more and more folks are getting Android based phones and tablets. For readers these devices can be a great way to read both on the go and in a more relaxed setting. The problem comes when looking for reading apps. There are so many out there and searching the Android Market often dosn’t give great results unless you already know the apps name (which doesn’t help if you’re browsing).

This is my attempt to catalog the multitude of reading apps available for the Android platform (and there are a lot more than I ever thought there were). I’ve tried to include a listing for every app available along with basic information such as the formats it supports and its system requirements. Hopefully this will give users looking for apps an easy way to see what’s out there since searching the Android Market can give mixed results.

This is just a catalog so there are no reviews, but I have done reviews of some apps that you can find here, here, and here. While all of the links go to the apps listing on the Android Market (where you can read about features and user reviews) many of these apps can be found at third party markets or direct from the developers website. If you don’t have the Android market and need info on sideloading and third party markets, I wrote about that here.

(Via Dear Author: Romance Novel Reviews, Industry News, and Commentary.)


  1. Just to add on to what Howard said, pay attention to those permissions when you install! If a silly game for an unknown publisher asks for your permission to “Read and write access of the user’s browsing history and bookmarks”, “Start once the device has finished booting”, and “Open network connections”, then you may possibly wish to think twice about your desire to play.

    Of course, most people don’t seem to care about their personal information and will only be annoyed by the changing of the web browser’s home screen.

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