With Andrew Wylie “threatening” (via, Registration Required) to expand his exclusive book deal with (OdysseyEditions) we thought some of you might find it both useful and interesting to review the Wylie Agency client list. The only thing we don’t know is how current this list is. It’s long, contains the names of MANY well-known authors, or their estates.

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From the Financial Times:

Wylie theatens broad digital expansion (Registration Required for Full Text, Free)

Andrew Wylie, the literary agent whose exclusive deal with last week stunned the publishing world, has threatened a broad expansion of his digital publishing business to include up to 2,000 titles if traditional publishers refuse to improve digital royalties.

Mr Wylie has established a digital publishing company called Odyssey Editions and struck a deal with Amazon, giving the online bookseller exclusive access to 20 classics including John Updike’s Rabbit series and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man for a two-year period.

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  1. While an author’s rights to royalties is a great concern for both the agencies that represent them and the authors themselves, it should be noted that e-Digital rights exclusivity to one entity does not benefit the consumer. Amazon proprietary format does not lend itself to portability to any future devices that do not run the Amazon reader software. Staking my e-book purchases on such a closed format, does not invoke feeling so happiness. A perfect example is mobipocket, Amazon brought the company and proceeded to kill the format. Thankfully there is only one author on their list that I read( jacqueline carey).

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