new-logo-actualitte.jpgReceived the following from Nicolas Gary of Actua Litté: just to point a news in France. A publisher In Libro Veritas has just joined Bookeen, to sell an Opus with his name. It’s the eReader Inlibro veritas Opus. I think it’s a big deal for the first time – in France for sure..

Here’s a Google translation from the French site:

What is nice when readers also offers white label ebooks is that you can affix the logo you want. And for 99 cents less than the price announced by Bookeen on its website, the publisher In Libro Veritas – it does not just happen – now offers you to discover its entire digital catalog on a drive with his portrait ebook. …

Ebook reader InLibroVeritas Opus is not just a gift, as noted by Mathieu Pasquini, founder of ILV. It is primarily the convergence of two French companies for the promotion of digital playback, but also the choice “to promote local players near you, away from big corporations that devour everything in their path.” This is really the first association between a French publisher and manufacturer of ebook reader, not only through the appropriation of the object, but especially the idea of propelling the front of the stage such an association.


  1. According to an update of Actualitté’s blogpost it’s not about re-branding the opus reader – at In Libro Veritas they’re rather reselling the original device filled with e-book bundles you can choose. Interestingly all e-books from ILV are DRM-free, as they are part of the french copyleft-movement.

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