Prince of TidesWhen I bought my Palm TX, I got a bonus: a free copy of The Prince of Tides in eReader format. It’s my favorite kind of DRMed book—legal at no charge.

I’m tempted to expound more on DRM and the promise of good regional literature like Tides for digital library collections; not to mention the fascination of Carolina-style dysfunctionality in family relationships. But I’ll spare you.

Just see if you can catch up with Prince in one format or another and tell me what you think.

Not everyone will like Pat Conroy‘s kind of reflection and wit, but I do; and beyond the literary quality, his dialogue displays well on a PDA even if some of the paragraphs are on the long side. May e-book technology soon reach the point where the writing matters more; the medium, less.

Also of possible interest from Conroy: The Great Santini and The Water is Wide, the last of which discusses Conroy’s experience as a teacher in a rural location, the kind of place where e-books could vastly expand the range of reading choices for students.


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