There is not a ton of information about the KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. “Portable Viewer System” but what has been revealed is exciting. It’s A4 and can wirelessly receive images from devices like a mobile phone. The screen can display up to 4,096 colors and refresh in 12 seconds. I’m not sure whether e-paper means it’s a derivative of eink or some other screen technology.

Strangely the device is nearly completely controlled by the handset. It doesn’t seem a very practical interface, but it is a prototype.

Via Gizmodo.


  1. Agree about the refresh time–not practical for reading. Also not practical is requiring a cellphone for the interface. Still, there seems to be a continued demand for color–not sure whether this is just because people expect it or if there’s some positive value in color. Certainly in novel-style fiction, I don’t see a lot of benefit from color–and a lot of cost.

    Rob Preece

  2. There is value in colour if you are going to be annotating what you’re reading. When was the last time you heard of someone using a *grey* highlighter to highlight a passage of text for a paper they were writing?

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