cheero power plus 3Because we just can’t have too many external batteries, right? Of course not, so when cheero asked if I wanted a sample of the cheero Power Plus 3, I said, sure!

This has turned into my favorite external battery. With 13400 mAh of power, it’ll charge a phone multiple times. On one charge, it took my phone from about 50% to full three times and still had enough juice to charge my Fire HD from about half to full. There was probably still enough to get a bit more life out of my phone, if I’d needed it.

It’s got a bit less juice than my RavPower batteries (like this one), but it’s about half the size, and it feels surprisingly light. Since we have returned to tent camping and won’t have power at our sites, a small, light battery with lots of juice will be welcome.

top_cableSomething I’ve noticed about this one. I charge my phone at night and often use an external battery because my FitBit prefers my phone power block to any other. With my other batteries, I wake up with my phone between 90 and 95% charged. The cheero battery must switch to trickle charge, because my phone is always completely charged when I get up in the morning.

If you’re interested, you’ll want to order quickly. The battery is on sale until May 24. $29.99 from $39.99. Also, the first 3,000 shipped will receive a dual cable, with both micro USB and Lightning connector. Mine came with the cable, and I love it! I lost the Lighting connector adapter for my last dual cable–I blame my cat–and I was glad to get another one. This is better because the two pieces are joined with a cord, making it less likely my cat will lose one of them.


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