Stnd2clg.jpgFrom the press release:

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that Google has licensed Adobe® Content Server 4 software as its ebook content protection solution for Google eBooks. With the addition of Google, more than 200 publishers and distributors worldwide have now deployed Adobe Content Server, making it the most pervasive Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution for ebooks and other digital publications.

As a true cross-platform solution, Adobe Content Server enables consumers to purchase or lend ebooks through thousands of points-of-purchase without being tied to one store. With support of the Adobe® Reader® Mobile software development kit (SDK) on more than 85 devices and applications, consumers can download and read protected ebooks from Google eBooks in both PDF and EPUB format. Supported devices include a broad variety of platforms: smartphones, tablets and desktops, as well as dedicated reading devices like the Sony Reader or the Barnes & Noble nook. With more than 13 million downloads of Adobe Digital Editions, a free software application for acquiring, managing and reading ebooks, users can transfer their digital content to their netbooks and desktops, and by taking advantage of a growing number of mobile applications, users can also consume ebooks from Google eBooks on tablets like the iPad. For a complete list, visit Adobe Digital Editions Supported Devices.


  1. Looks like only some of their books are available this way.

    The first title I looked at (Anzio: Italy and the battle for Rome, 1944) says “No download files included.” which when you click on the little question mark by it says “You can read this book on the Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These devices have dedicated reading apps that automatically sync with your account. A downloadable EPUB file is not available to read this book on the Sony eReader or Barnes & Noble Nook.”

    So it appears some books are ‘cloud’ only (which sucks).

  2. There’s room for all distributors and devices in the ebook market. A zealous reader could dedicate his devices to a library system. Nook for fiction. Kindle for non. iPad for magazines. Web for Cloud ebooks.
    Now, download GRANT ME. You’ll never underestimate your dog or God again! Sassy Southern suspense follows Serenity Prayer. Enjoy! Also w/Amazon for Kindle. Everyone LOVES underdog-wonderdog, Mister Zoo in GRANT ME. You will, too.

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