Info below is from Ric Wright at Adobe (slightly edited). Also see Google roundup and an earlier TeleBlog item on the Content Server 4. – D.R.

adobe Adobe has released the newest version of Digital Editions, 1.6. You can get it here. Or you will be automatically upgraded the next time you launch Digital Editions. This version of DE does not appear much different on the surface. The real difference in this version is under the covers. Digital Editions 1.6 supports fulfillment from the new Adobe Content Server 4. You can read about Content Server here.

But what does fulfillment from Content Server mean to the end user, you might ask? The answer is that it provides e-book vendors with a modern, reliable system for protecting publishers books. This translates into more content from more publishers. Both in PDF and now in ePub. Up to now, although publishers have been strongly voicing their support for ePub, there hasn’t been a solution that would allow them to protect their books. The release of DE 1.6 and Content Server provides that solution. We are currently hard at work helping the publishers and ebook sellers to get their content ready for stores and libraries.

In addition, the new servers are much more reliable and bug-free than the old systems. This will mean more hassle-free downloads and less support issues. This won’t happen immediately as not all the e-book distributors will switch over right away. But it will steadily improve.

Now that the solution is ready it means there will be more content in more formats and more device support as well, such as the Sony Reader. The Digital Publishing team is working hard on supporting additional devices and will release them as soon as possible.


  1. Amen, Yoda. As for the Content Server, Adobe just might want to consider a Social DRM option. None other than Adobe’s Bill McCoy, after all, has talked up the idea, and it’s a good one. Let the market choose between traditional and social DRM (or no DRM!). Thanks. David

  2. Adobe’s system for epub does acording to my knowledge work by encrypthing the actual text inside the epub container making the file completely parsable by any app but the text will be utter gibberish until adobes algoritm gets used. Im not sure wheather or not DE stores the epub in unencryptet form.

    Social DRM would probably not be acceptet because 1. you can buy under false name and 2. it will be cracked and 3. the point is not just to stop mass copying it’s also to limit digital works beyond what’s the case in analog form.

    For library use(rental) point 3 is a nesesity because thats whats done in analog media aswell.

  3. Mike and Daniel:

    M (and D): I’ve said I’m open to use of traditonal DRM at libraries. But there should be alternatives such as PW-protected Web browsable books with expirable access.

    D: Heck, what’s to crack with social DRM? The files would be nonencrypted. As for false names, yes, that’s a potential problem. But so is the approach of traditional DRM–treating customers like thieves. Also remember that social DRM could be used with other approaches such as watermarking. No miracles. But it sure would beat traditional DRM, in terms of consumer appeal.


  4. You can probably remove the tag that id’s the original purchaser from any file format if you know what to look for and if it’s an open system you know what to look for the whole point of social DRM is that the ID is visible. And your still not preventing me from letting trusted friends “borrow” the ebooks.

    It’s a better solution but it still requre that the industry accept the basic premise that they wont get a purchase from every reader.

  5. Adobe Digital Editions now won’t work on my machine. It says that I MUST update to version 1.6 but the install link that it takes me to just launches the existing version which says I MUST update…

    Since when should updates be mandatory.


  6. New ADE 1.6 Illustrated eBooks Install Guide at BooksOnBoard…Our BooksOnBoard users are encountering some challenges in installing the new ADE 1.6 version. Our support team and customers are not happy about this. So we’ve created an illustrated install guide to help users get through this upgrade. There are a few tricks that new users and the less tech savvy – or those without the time to de-code the latest ebook reading software – need to know. Please feel welcome to use our Adobe Digital Editions 1.6 eBook Install & Help Guide

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