has an article with the above title. After discussing the advantages ebooks could offer the author goes on to say:

Of course, there are still academic publishing dinosaurs, such as Taylor & Francis or Palgrave Macmillan, who are carrying their predatory pricing policies into the e-book realm with prices approaching or exceeding $100 a book. And some commercial publishers are also raising e-book prices. But overall, the price curve continues to go down. Next year Google, which already provides millions of public domain books for free viewing and pdf download, will also be selling hundreds of thousands of low-cost downloadable e-books through Google Editions, starting in 2011. …

And the ease of access in Africa is also increasing rapidly, with new fiber-optic links, access through mobile phones, and increased competition among providers, although the pace is very uneven. With Amazon’s recent expansion of Kindle to over 100 countries, including most African countries (see list at, international Kindle usage is also increasing rapidly, although Amazon does not release detailed statistics.

Via EbookNewser


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