Peter-Korn-3Peter Korn, accessibility architect at Amazon’s Lab126, talks at length about the new VoiceView capability for Kindle e-readers and Amazon’s broader accessibility mission in today’s episode of The Kindle Chronicles. Hear the show or download the MP3 file here.

I spoke with Korn on Monday, a day before Amazon lifted its embargo on its news of VoiceView on Kindle. In our 30-minute conversation, Korn showed a deep familiarity with accessibility issues and an evangelistic energy to bring awareness of those issues to the entire company.

“We continually evaluate ways we can make reading on the Kindle more enjoyable, more comfortable, more accessible,” Korn told me. “This led us to create the Bookerly font. This led us to include the open-source OpenDyslexic font. So we continue to evaluate and bring innovations to our customers.”

Also in this episode, I take a look at the new Amazon Video Direct service and Goodreads’s adding of Kindles to its author book giveaway tool.

I’ve had lots of edifying conversations and interviews here at BookExpo America, including a great pizza supper with TeleRead Editor Chris Meadows. Next week’s show will distill the highlights into 44 minutes and 58 seconds of BEA treats.

Publisher’s note: Whoops and apologies. For a minute or two, this item accidentally ran under my byline rather than Len’s. – D.R.


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