In honor of being ranked #1 in customer satisfaction during the holiday shopping season for the 9th year in a row by the ForeSee Experience Index, Amazon has announced it is knocking $30 off all Kindle Fire tablets until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, January 11th. That would knock the base model 7” Kindle Fire HD down to $109, the 7” HDX (with the new Mayday Button) or the 8.9” HD down to $199, and the 8.9” HDX down to $349. Not bad pricing, all in all, if that’s what you’re looking for in a tablet.

To take advantage of the offer, enter the coupon code MAYDAY30 at checkout.

I wonder if anyone will ever knock Amazon out of that top slot. A lot of people I talk to clutch at Amazon during the holiday season like drowning men clutch at life preservers—they can get exactly what they want at a good price without having to brave the madding crowds.


  1. Perfect timing! I was in the process of getting a 7″ HDX as an Army basic training graduation gift. Nice to have the $30 off!

    With access to our family’s Prime account, he’ll have movies, music and thousands of books while he’s in AIT (training). We did the same thing for our daughter and son for the Air Force.

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