Over at the blog Taleist, Steven Lewis has posted a half hour audio interview with Jeff Rutherford, founder of Delabarre Publishing. Rutherford works with authors, freelance writers for hire, and layout and design experts to produce titles in niche cateogries (so far joke books and travel), then uses his own PR and marketing experience to make sure they’re discoverable by those customers who might buy them.

Delabarre put its first title up for sale in August 2010, and over the past eleven months has sold over 7,000 copies, most of them at the $2.99 price point.

In the interview, Rutherford talks about why he chose to lead with joke books, and why he thinks publishers should take book titles and SEO more seriously. There’s also some talk about the financial side of things, including that he offers advances and “nearly equal” royalty agreements (he won’t say what the split is exactly) with authors who enter into an ongoing partnership with him.

“Working with a self-publishing publisher” (mp3 file) [Taleist]


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