Roger_Ebert_croppedHere is a great free resource we have not highlighted in awhile: the University of Chicago Press gives away a free e-book every month. And best of all, the current book is available in ePub format, DRM-free.

I admit, the books have been a little hit-or-miss for me. This month’s title, Ebert’s Best, an interesting collection of a few writings of the late movie critic Roger Ebert (photo), is the equivalent of only 32 pages long. There will be definitely be months where the chosen offering will not appeal to you. But this resource could be great fodder for a book club. The books are readily available for free to all participants. And there is something appealing about being gently encouraged by each selection to try a genre or style of book you might not otherwise try.

The website store is the first I’ve seen to offer a rental option: you can buy the book, and own it, for full retail price. Or you can purchase a 45-day license for $10. Good for them! I have long advocated for such a model in online bookstores. If you are going to take away rights (for instance, you can’t resell an e-book), then fair enough but then don’t charge a full ownership price for a book that’s just a rental. The University of Chicago Press is the first store I’ve seen to embrace this and offer rental books as an option.

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