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From the press release: is this week launching ebook stores with:

Australian ebook platform has launched ebook stores with five iconic, locally-owned independent booksellers. With a wide range of quality digital titles now available from more local, independent bookstores, these new partnerships vastly improve the ebook choices available to Australian readers. competes with global behemoths like Amazon, Apple and Google by keeping our focus disarmingly simple: provide the most delightful and accessible reading experience possible. To us, delightful and accessible means letting readers continue visiting their local independent bookstore and choosing from a carefully curated range of high quality Aussie and international titles. Peter Haasz,

New bookstores

After a successful pilot period with Readings Ebooks, which launched at the start of 2011, is excited to partner with a number of Australian independent bookstores who have started selling ebooks across Australia using the platform.

Our new retailers love books. With their personal recommendations and their distinct, welcoming, local stores, they’ve earned a special place in the hearts and minds of their many customers over the decades. This is the spirit that many people are afraid will be lost should the faceless robot armies succeed in monopolising ebook sales. Virginia Murdoch,

The first five independent bookstores to have launched ebookstores with since the highly successful Readings pilot are Books for Cooks, Mary Ryan’s, Fuller’s, Gleebooks and Avid Reader.

Books for Cooks is three-times ABIA Victorian Specialist Bookseller of the Year and Australia’s only retail store specialising exclusively in books about wine, food and the culinary arts:

Our ebook website now allows us to offer our customers a unique range of food and wine titles from the oldest to the latest in physical and digital formats. Our ebook partner shares many of our values when it comes to books and business. Books for Cooks is very excited to be working with Tim White, Books for Cooks

Mary Ryan’s is one of Queensland’s favourite independent chains, with nine locations operating across South East Queensland since 1975:

Mary Ryan’s is excited about the launch of their ebook site and is looking forward to our Book.ish site to be another source of information for our customers and another platform for them to purchase from and continue enjoy reading the best books. Danette Smith, Mary Ryan’s

Fullers has won the Best Independent Bookseller in Tasmania award eleven times running, and has been a wholly Tasmanian owned and operated business since the early 1920s:

Fullers Bookshop’s ebook site – smart, convenient and with the benefit of our considered recommendations! We are very proud to be in partnership with leading Australian independent ebook platform Catherine Shultz, Fullers Bookshop

Gleebooks is frequently named the best independent bookshop in Sydney, four-times Australian Bookseller of the Year and the ABIA 2008 Australian Independent Bookseller of the Year.

Gleebooks is launching into the world of ebook selling, and we’ve decided on a platform that is as egalitarian as it is simple and elegant. We’re delighted to be in partnership with an Australian company where as much care has been given to quality of content as to the ease of access to that content. We look forward to connecting our ebook customers to an ever-increasing library of great reading. David Gaunt, Gleebooks

Avid Reader is a favourite bookshop in Queensland’s West End, specialising in new, quality fiction and non-fiction and catering to a wide range of reading across the gamut of human experience and imagination.

We recently surveyed our customers about their reading habits and ebooks are certainly a part of their future. Overwhelmingly our customers want to support Australian businesses and they want to purchase their ebooks from us. As an independent Australian business that offers the greatest range of reading platforms, fits perfectly with our customers’ expectations. Fiona Stager, Avid Reader

These bookshops are only the beginning. looks forward to making further launch announcements in coming weeks and months.


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