dwrob-profpic.jpgSeveral weeks ago, Greg McQueen released a 100 Stories for Haiti Podcast focused on ebooks, offering an insightful and well-balanced look at the state of ebooks. He interviewed multiple authors and even yours truly to explore what ebooks mean to authors, readers and the future of publishing.

For me, the highlight of Greg’s excellent podcast was Smashwords author David Robinson, a 60-year Yorkshireman who presented an audio essay on indie ebook publishing. This is a must-listen.

Mr. Robinson is a gifted orator, and he has created one of the best-articulated manifestos on e-publishing I’ve heard. One comment that struck me as particularly insightful is when he explains how it’s not so much rejection that bruises the soul of a writer, it’s the chronic condition of being ignored.

As you’ll hear below, his wry wit and precision delivery add a richness and meaning his written words alone could never convey. I think after you give him a listen, you’ll be a fan too!

Click the play button above to listen to David Robinson’s essay.

To listen to Greg McQueen’s entire podcast episode about ebooks, here’s the full audio (see episode 3):

Via Mark Coker’s Smashwords blog.


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