Martin Fenner on the always interesting Gobbledygook blog (part of the Public Library of Science Blogs Network) provides a look at the “Beyond the PDF…is ePub” workshop that took place last week in San Diego.

Fenner’s post also includes a link to his presentation at the workshop, “Blogging Beyond the PDF or Copy by Reference.”

From the Blog Post:

The limitations of the PDF format were just one topic, the main themes were annotation, data, provenance, new models, writing and reviewing and impac

ePub should become the standard document format for authoring, distributing and reading scholarly content.


The ePub format uses a collection of files held together in a zip archive. Content is displayed using a combination of XHTML and CSS – not different from web pages – and the ePub can also contain other files. Journal publishers use XML internally, and it is therefore easy to distribute journal articles in ePub format – some of them are already doing this routinely.

Fenner goes on to list what he believes are several advantages of ePub along with a discussion on the “distribution mechanism” ePub files.

Fenner also posts a link to the “Beyond the PDF…is ePub” workshop web site where some materials from the event are already online.

Here’s a direct link to a list of workshop presenters and the titles of their papers/presentations (some online) plus links to demos, slides, and abstracts.

A list of live demos and their presenters might also be of interest.

Finally, look for archived video from the workshop here in the next few days.

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