necronomicon_puppet_25Independent publisher Melville House decided on a particularly tongue-in-cheek Twitter awareness-raising-and-bookworm-annoying campaign. for every like this tweet gets, i will tell you one thing I dislike about books.” This picked up a pattern already seen in Twitter promos lately, but took a twist all of its own. And yes, they made it through to 100 book-bashing Tweets. So if you love books and have a strong stomach, now read on …

Tweet 10 might make a certain amount of sense: “bad people make them.” Tweet 15 is a tad less likely: “books keep fav’ing the original tweet in this chain, forcing me to continue being funny and not get any work done.” Tweet 19 may strike a chord: “they dinged your car and blamed Amazon.” And Tweet 94 may cut closest to the bone: “in college, i knew this book that would always shout ‘in the beginning was the word’ and then point at itself. what an asshole.” (But no “books smell funny”? At least, I didn’t see it …)

And Melville House signed off saying: “*chugs entire cooler of gatorade* okay, everyone who fav’d the original tweet is a monster, we’ll resume this later.”

You can’t find many better instances of anti-bookishness done with humor. Which only takes the piss even better out of the Noel Gallaghers of this world who diss books in dumb deadly earnest.



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