FengShuiBubblesContent bundles aren’t just for computer games and books. With the Bundle of Holding, pencil and paper role-playing games are getting in on it, too. I found out about this late—there’s only about a day left in this particular offer—but it’s an intriguing chance to score DRM-free PDF copies of a great RPG for a very low price.

The RPG in question is the Feng Shui role-playing game, a simple, cinematic game based on Hong Kong action, SF, and horror movies. It was fairly popular ten years or so ago, and is in the process of being revised for a second edition. The basic package, available for a pay-what-you-want donation of at least $4, includes the base RPG and player sourcebook. For those who kick in more than the average (currently just over $11), three additional sourcebooks are included.

10% of every purchase is split between charities chosen by the game’s publisher, John Nephew: the National Film Preservation Foundation and the Fish Creek Natural Area Greenway.

As of this writing, 479 bundles have been sold for a total contribution of $5,959.28. The largest donor kicked in $51.

Feng Shui is a great, imaginative RPG with simple and compelling rules, and I’ve run several interesting games of it. I wish I had more opportunities to play it. At that price, it’s a steal.


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